Learning to Love You!

Looking in the mirror is one act that almost every individual does in the morning. Whether it is before leaving for work or right after they wake up. What one sees in the mirror can sometimes leave them feeling better or worse about who they are or what their day will be like. The ultimate goal would be for that glance or long scrutinizing stare to leave the person smiling and feeling proud of who they are. It is not always easy to walk away with a sense of happiness with who one is or how one looks.

That first morning look can leave us with doubts or dreading our day to come. Having a pimple on school picture day or the morning of prom, noticing red marks on your cheeks or forehead before a big meeting at which you have to present, not feeling comfortable in your skin or your clothes. These can lead to concerns, sadness and frustration.

Feeling comfortable when you look in the mirror and smiling at yourself is how one’s morning should begin. It may not happen every day but there are steps you can take to achieving this and accomplishing this goal. Looking in that mirror and seeing BEAUTIFUL skin might be enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face. And, starting your day off with daily affirmations. What do you have to be happy for or what is something you have to look forward to?

Within each person there is someone beautiful and amazing! What steps are you going to take to let that person shine?


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